The Libby Garrett Intervention

I have way too many posts apologizing for forgetting to post on here. I know there’s no excuse. Life just not only caught up with me, but dunked me in the ocean and tried to drown me. Not to worry, though. I have been thrown a life preserver and I am okay! Now, on to the point of this post:

The Libby Garrett Intervention! This book released October 24 and I am super late on posting my review, especially since I got an ARC to review early. Sorry Kelly Oram!!! Anyways, here it goes.


This book is kind of a spin-off of the Avery Shaw Experiment, in the idea that really, it’s a companion novel. And I loved the Avery Shaw Experiment. However, when I read it, I hated Libby as a character, so I didn’t really know what to expect from her book. I didn’t want to read it because of Libby. I wanted to read it to try to get more Avery and Grayson. I expected it to be okay, but just okay. However, I loved it. Kelly Oram made me love Libby as a character, and of course Adam is amazing. This book was funny, but it deals with some tough issues too, specifically self-image and unhealthy behaviors, such as addictions (even if those addictions aren’t to drugs or alcohol). In all, this is a great book and I am lucky to have gotten to read it. So go and enjoy it!


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