Science Geek Appreciation Week – Day 5 – Part 2 (Review)


All week I’ve been posting about The Avery Shaw Experiment and the Libby Garrett Intervention.  Unfortunately, I haven’t had the opportunity to read the Libby Garrett Intervention yet, but I have read the Avery Shaw Experiment, and I loved it.  This review is a little lame, but I am not a review writer, I’m an author of books, so hopefully you’ll like the review, and even if you don’t, buy the book.  It’s $0.99 for a limited time, and definitely worth it!

Review of the Avery Shaw Experiment by Kelly Oram –

I love this book. It makes me laugh out loud while reading, and there are less than 10 books that have ever done that, in the hundreds I’ve read. This is a book that is simple to read, with no heartbreaking themes and terror behind every page. It’s a happy book. I mean, poor Avery is devastated, but Grayson is a total superhero and works to fix that, so it’s kind of okay. This book won’t take you long to read and it’s probably not going to take you on a heartwrenching emotional rollercoaster, but that’s okay. It will most definitely make you happy. I reread this book all the time, especially if I need cheering up. It’s a definite must read!

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