Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, guys.  I’ve been trying to decide exactly what I wanted to do with this blog.  Some people suggest only using it to write about writing advice and stuff like that.  Others suggest book reviews.  Others think it’s okay to write about your life.  And I just didn’t know.  But now I’ve decided.  I think it’s okay to post writing advice or updates about my book.  I think it’s okay to post book reviews.  I think it’s okay to post about my life sometimes too.  Because in the end, all of these things make me, me and there’s no point in hiding myself.  So, this blog is going to contain a little about everything, depending on the day and what’s on my mind.  You’re welcome to skip blogs that aren’t interesting to you.  If you only want to know about writing, read those posts.  If you like book reviews, read those.  If you want to know about my life, read those.  That way, there’s something for everyone, and I’m being true to myself.

Since I’m here, let me update you on my books and my life.  I just sent out Timekeeper Rising for formatting (about 10 minutes ago).  I should have it back within a week or two, and then I can order proofs.  I am accepting questions on my goodreads page, so if you’re curious about me or my books, go there and ask me.  I’ve ordered bookmarks to give away and those should arrive any day.  I’ll post a pic when I receive them.  I’ve finished writing Timekeeper Falling (the second book in the duo), but I still need to edit it.  I’ve started working on a new book, but I’m not very far in.  Next week, I am starting summer classes for my special education concentration, so I may be a little slow on updating you all.  But if you have any questions or just want to chat, comment on this post, email me, visit my facebook, tweet me, anything you want.  I’m always happy to talk to any of you.  Hope everyone is having a wonderful week and a spectacular summer!

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