Timekeeper Duo – How’s it coming?

The Timekeeper Duo are the first two books I will be publishing, and I am very excited about them.  The first, Timekeeper Rising, is set to release on August 1.  So, how are they coming?  That’s a pretty logical question.  After all, Timekeeper Rising releases in only 53 days!  Well, Timekeeper Rising is out for proofreading.  It should be back June 16.  While the proofreader is going over it, I’m working on checking over the beginning to make sure it’s the absolute best thing it could be, so you will all love it.  I’m really excited to share this with you.  I’m chomping at the bit.

As for Timekeeper Falling (the second in the Duo), I’m pleased to announce that it is written!  I just finished yesterday and I am super excited.  It still needs at least a few rounds of editing, but it has the whole plot now, so I’m tickled.  I hope that my beta readers (when they receive it) will love it just as much as I do and find it to be the perfect conclusion to the Duo.  I hope you will all agree when you read it.  I do not yet have a release date set, but I am hoping to release it by the end of the year.  No promises yet, though.

“So, is that really all you’re doing Allyssa?”  NO!  I am also currently ordering things for the book and working on making you all some swag to giveaway.  I just ordered bookmarks a few minutes ago, I’m making earrings and keychains, and I am designing magnets.  I’m also doing paperwork for the WV Book Festival, where I plan to sign my books, and trying to organize a blog tour.  I am preparing to edit Timekeeper Falling and considering returning to a WIP, which I’m hoping will be my next release.  I promise that once I decide what I’m publishing next, I’ll let you all know.  For now, my primary focus is on the Timekeeper Duo.  Anything else comes second.

So that, my dear readers, is how the Duo is coming along.  I hope you are all eagerly awaiting its arrival, as I am.  Happy Monday everyone!

These are the earrings I am making to giveaway
These are the earrings I am making to giveaway

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