Timekeeper Rising

A lot of people are probably wondering about Timekeeper Rising. What’s it about? Is it going to make me cry? Does it suck? Why should I read it? So let me tell you about it. In my books page, you’ll find the blurb and cover for it. It releases August 1. Timekeeper Rising is about a girl, Iris, who really just wants to be normal. If she were normal, her brother wouldn’t have sacrificed himself for her. If she were normal, she wouldn’t care that the Shunned oppress the world. She probably wouldn’t have even noticed. If she were normal, there wouldn’t be a handsome young man destined to kill her. If she were normal, things would be easy. But she’s not.

Timekeeper Rising is a book about a world that is in desperate need of saving and the girl who has the chance to save it, though saving it may cost her everything she holds dear – her family, her morals, and her life.

This book is a YA dystopian fantasy, though it has hints of romance, religion, adventure, and more. So, will it make you cry? Maybe. Probably not. But maybe. If one of the two were going to make you cry, I’d say it’d be the second one, not this one. Does it suck? I hope not!! So why should you read it? Because it’s awesome? No? Okay. The real reason, I think, is because it matters. It’s fiction. It is. But everybody can relate to something in it. And if not in this one, definitely the next. This book has a little of everything in it, but in the end, I hope my readers take something from it. I can’t tell them what they should take. Different readers will find a different message. But I hope they find one and that it means something to them. I hope it matters.

To me, that’s what Timeekeeper Rising is about, and that is why I think you should buy it.  I can’t tell you it’s the best book you’ll ever read, or even that you’ll like it. That would be a lie, because I have no idea what you’ll think of it.  But you could love it.  It could be the best book you’ve ever read.  Isn’t it worth the risk?  I hope so.  I hope you take the risk, and I hope you enjoy it.

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