Chosen Fool by Scarlet Dawn

I recently read an ARC of Chosen Fool by Scarlet Dawn.  Let me give you a little background information first.  This is the fourth book in the Forever Evermore series.  It is New Adult series that does feature sex, drinking, cursing, etc.


Review:  This book is unlike anything else I have ever read, even more so than the others in the series.  It still had many of the same elements of the series, but it was just… Very different.  It was an excellent book, though, one that I definitely recommend.  I read this straight, barely stopping for anything except an occasional snack break, and I think I finished it in about eight hours or so.  I stayed up until 3 AM on a school night to finish this book.  It was that good.  I highly recommend it, especially if you have already read the rest of the series.  And if you haven’t, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?!  Go.  Read them.  Now!

Roanoke Author Invasion 2016

Would you like to meet me?  How about 60 other authors?  Would you like to be able to visit or party with those authors after the signing?  Then you need to attend the Roanoke Author Invasion 2016.


Roanoke Author Invasion is right around the corner! With this many authors, we are so excited to keep this a free event for readers as they meet their favorite writers and discover new ones!
Join sixty bestselling authors of contemporary and paranormal fiction and more at the Holiday Inn Tanglewood in Roanoke, Virginia on April 2, 2016 from 11pm-4pm. Signings will be split from 11-1 and 2-4p to allow a lunch break. Attendees will enjoy an afternoon of books, giveaways, and more as they get the latest releases from their favorite authors and discover new voices!

Authors include several bestsellers like #1 New York Times and International Bestselling authors such as Casey Bond (writer of the award-winning Harvest Saga); Cambria Hebert (of the popular YA Hashtag Series); Rysa Walker (2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards winner for her CHRONOS Files series); and Heather Hildenbrand, whose book Imitation has been optioned for television by NBC to be produced by Jerry Bruckheimer.

This free event is in its second year. With over 100 guests for the first year, attendance is expected to double as they travel from all over the country to visit Roanoke, VA. They will be able to meet their favorite authors and be introduced to new writers, win prizes, and take home swag. Free RAI tote bags will be given as first come, first serve, while RAI t-shirts will be available for purchase.


rai party1

In addition, all attendees are invited back to the Holiday Inn for an afterparty from 7-10PM. Hosted by Forget the Housework, I’m Reading, City and Book and Brains, Beauty, BOOKS!
Tickets will be $20 sent to via Paypal. Price includes light appetizers, goodie bag and dancing. Proceeds benefit United Through Reading.

rai party


For more information, including how to get your free ticket, a full list of exhibitors, and the chance to volunteer for the event, visit

The Libby Garrett Intervention

I have way too many posts apologizing for forgetting to post on here. I know there’s no excuse. Life just not only caught up with me, but dunked me in the ocean and tried to drown me. Not to worry, though. I have been thrown a life preserver and I am okay! Now, on to the point of this post:

The Libby Garrett Intervention! This book released October 24 and I am super late on posting my review, especially since I got an ARC to review early. Sorry Kelly Oram!!! Anyways, here it goes.


This book is kind of a spin-off of the Avery Shaw Experiment, in the idea that really, it’s a companion novel. And I loved the Avery Shaw Experiment. However, when I read it, I hated Libby as a character, so I didn’t really know what to expect from her book. I didn’t want to read it because of Libby. I wanted to read it to try to get more Avery and Grayson. I expected it to be okay, but just okay. However, I loved it. Kelly Oram made me love Libby as a character, and of course Adam is amazing. This book was funny, but it deals with some tough issues too, specifically self-image and unhealthy behaviors, such as addictions (even if those addictions aren’t to drugs or alcohol). In all, this is a great book and I am lucky to have gotten to read it. So go and enjoy it!


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Timekeeper Falling Cover and Blurb Reveal!

It’s time! Are you ready to see Timekeeper Falling’s cover and read the blurb? Get ready, get set… Go!

Timekeeper Falling’s Offical Blurb: One day changed everything. Once, Iris Ankea lived a normal, relatively safe life. Now she’s on the run, hiding from a virtually unstoppable group of fallen angels intent on murdering her solely for her birthright as the Timekeeper, the only person powerful enough to defeat them. She must garner support and build an army, preparing for the battle to save, or end, the world, all while trying to stay hidden and alive. Danger lurks in every shadow, but the biggest danger of all may be to her heart. Can Iris Ankea save the world and survive the battle prophesized to kill her, or will Sage Atroxé break her heart and end her life?

Release Date: December 1, 2015
Book 1:

Note: Timekeeper Falling will release December 1, 2015 (in just two months!) and is the last book in the Timekeeper Duo. If you haven’t read book 1, Timekeeper Rising, now is a great time, before the second one releases!

Official Cover:

My Apologies

This is starting to be a regular thing, but, I am very sorry I’ve been silent for so long. On the bright side, I do still update my facebook author page, so be sure to check there for info. My excuses for not posting here are school and forgetfulness, but since those are not good excuses, please accept my apologies.

So, on to updates:
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3) I am revealing the official cover, blurb, and release date for Timekeeper Falling Thursday, October 1. I will be sharing it to my street team tomorrow, though, so if you want to see it first, you may want to join the team.

I hope you all are doing well and I will try very hard to post here more often in the future (but I can’t make any promises). Have a great week, all!